Lesson 2: Logging In

To get started with SecureDocMan you will need to have a user account created by your company administrator user(s).

Once you have your account you will visit the SecureDocMan Application Login Page to begin your session.

The Dashboard

When you initially login you will be placed on the Dashboard page. The contents of this page are dependent on your account permissions which are controlled by your company administrator. There are various informational panels on the dashboard with quick links to documents. You will also see a Document Tree that will allow you to browse documents in a similar way to how you would browse documents on your computer. Clicking on a file in the Document Tree window will take you to the Document Details page for that specific document.

The Menu

At the top of the application you will see various menu items. These as well are somewhat dependent on your access level so you may or may not see all of the menu items available.


The Dashboard link will take you back to the Dashboard page that you are presented with when you initially login to the system.

Audit Log (admin level users)

By clicking on the Audit Log menu item you can view the Audit Log page where you can browse through or filter the system activity. Each row in the audit log is a specific action taken on a specific item. Items can be reviews, documents, folders, or any other item that can benefit from an audit trail.

Note: You can export the audit log data by clicking on the CVS link at the bottom left of the list.


The Documents link will take you to the Documents list page. You may also see other options in this menu for Create and List . Use the Create link when you wish to add new documents to the system. Use the List link to open the Documents list page where you can browse and filter through the documents in the system.

My Reviews

If your company administrator has configured approval workflows and assigned you to a stage of a workflow you may from time to time see the My Reviews link in the menu. When you see this link it means you have a document awaiting your review. Clicking this link will take you to the Reviews list page.


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