How does Batch Upload work?

The Batch Upload tool can be used to import large numbers of files at once. The button for the tool can be found on the Documents list page.

The tool has two modes: Simple and Advanced.

Simple Batch Import Mode

For video walk through of this mode visit our Simple Batch Mode Walk-through video.

To use Simple Mode you need to upload a ZIP file containing a set of files and folders that you want created in the system.

Here is an example of a folder/file structure on a computer that can be "zipped" up and uploaded using Simple Mode:

In this example, the system will create a folder called "Accounting Folder" containing a document called "Test WordDoc.html". It will also create a document called "RevisionTest1.doc" and because it is not inside a folder it will be placed into the Company Default Folder that is configured for you company.

  • The system will skip over any documents that may already exists with the same name and folder.
  • The system will skip the creation of any folders that may already exist.
  • The folder names may NOT contain "/", "\", or ":" characters.
  • If your Company uses Workflows you must edit your Company settings first and choose the default Workflow which will be used by all of the new documents imported via Simple Batch Import.


Advanced Batch Import Mode

You will use Advanced Mode when you want to make sure that each Document included in the import will be able to be fine-tuned with its own meta-data, permissions, comments, etc..

To use the Advanced Mode follow the instructions found on the Batch Uploads page.


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