Lesson 5: Working with Workflows

The workflow feature allows the company super admin to set up approval processes for new document revisions. This feature is optional and will not be used unless a workflow is set-up. By default the workflow feature will consider a document to be "approved" if all assigned workflows are approved. This can be changed from ALL to ANY by our support team if you would rather have it behave in that manner.

Workflow Settings

The workflow settings page is visible to any users that are company super admin level. The workflow page is located in the menu at Settings->Workflows. Once inside the workflow editor you can add/edit/delete workflows.

Use-Case 1: Three level approval

Lets say in this use-case you want every document revision to proceed through three individuals who will each take turns approving the revision. Once all three individuals have approved the document revision it will be released to the the reset of the users. This workflow will require a single Workflow and three Stages.

  1. Visit the Company Settings->Worklows page
  2. Create a new Workflow
  3. Give your Workflow a meaningful name
  4. Create Stages 0, 1, and 2 with a meaningful names and assign a single user to each stage
  5. Click Create Workflow button at the bottom
  6. Visit the Company Settings -> Edit page and set your Default Workflow to the new workflow you just created

Any time a user uploads a new document or revision, the new Workflow will be pre-selected and when the document is checked-in, the user at Stage 0 will receive an email notifying them about their awaiting review. If approved, the system will move the document review to Stage 1, then Stage 2, until all stages are complete. At that point the document is published.

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