How-To: Multiple File Upload

This how-to describes how to upload multiple files at once and have them each utilize the same meta-data in order to create document records. If you require each new document record to contain unique meta-data you would want to use the Batch Upload feature available to Company Administrators.


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  1. Visit the Documents->New Document page
  2. Either click the Browse button or drag/drop your files onto the Browse button (as shown below). There is a limit of 100 files at a time and any additional files will be ignored.

  3. The system will perform some pre-flight checks on your files so pay attention to files listed to see if any of them have an error message.
  4. Complete your Document record as usual
  5. Click "Create Document"
  6. The system will "Queue" up each of your documents. Note that this may take a minute or so for all the files to complete the upload process.
  7. When you are done each of the new Document records will have been created for each file with the same meta-data values.
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