How do I create an approval workflow?

The Workflows feature allows a company to set up an "approval process" for documents, which will be used to ensure all uploads pass through an approval process prior to being published. If you do not need to have documents approved before being published then you should leave your Workflows empty. If at least one Workflow is created then all documents being created must be assigned to at least one Workflow.
Workflow "approval" can be configured to work in "All" or "Any" mode.  In "All" mode, all Workflows assigned to a document must be completed before the document is considered to be "approved". This is the default setting. In "Any" mode, any Workflow assigned to the document can be completed and the document will be considered to be "approved". If you would like to switch your company from "All" to "Any" mode please contact us using the Help button inside your control panel.

To create a Workflow:
  1. As an administrator go to Settings->Workflows
  2. Click the "New Workflow" button in the upper-right
  3. Add a name for the workflow (ex. "Legal Dept")
  4. Click "New Stage" to add a stage (aka phase) to this Workflow. There can be one or many stages.
  5. Give the Stage a name (ex. "Content Review")
  6. Assign one or more users to the stage using Shift/Ctrl/Cmd Click
  7. Click "Create Workflow"
Now that you have created a workflow, when anyone goes to add a new document, they will see the list of workflows and be required to choose one or more workflows from the list.
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